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Manhole Cover Lifters

The perfect tool for all those who have to open manhole covers, covers of oil separators, gas, water, cable shafts or similar. Our proven professional equipment is easy to work with and helps to provide backache. A wide variety of accessories makes our cover lifters the perfect instrument for every challenge.  Different hooks for nearly every kind of keyholes are available as well as powerarms for opening dirty and tight covers.

A high degree of leverage can be reached without much trouble and makes it easy to lift the lid and move it out of the manhole. The opening and moving a sewer or manhole cover is a piece of cake. In reality we have been able to move very large and heavy covers with a diameter up to 150 cm with the Tandem 260 with ease. Due to small dimensions, robust construction and durability of stainless steel, the lid lifters are important helpers.

We offer different manhole cover lifters with a wide variety of hooks for nearly every kind of covers.

Manhole Cover Lifter SDH 160

The Manhole Cover Lifter for gullies, hydrant and valve boxes and round manhole covers up to 100 kg!


  • Easy and safe handling
  • Minimum effort by lever action
  • Suitable for all round manhole covers
  • Maintenance-free high-quality stainless steel design
  • Compact and robust design
  • Extendable Handle
  • TÜV approved
  • Rapidly changing with new hooks hook slide
  • Width (axle): 30.5 cm
  • Length lever retracted: 102 cm
  • Handle length extended: 170 cm


Manhole Cover Lifter Tandem Tandem 160 and 260
Cover lifter for heavy and/or square covers - up to 300 kilo


• Easy and safe handling
• Minimum effort by lever action
• Suitable for very heavy square and round manhole covers
• Maintenance-free, high-quality stainless steel
• Compact and robust design
• Can be dismantled and space saving storage
• Back-conserving operation
• Removes even stubborn manhole covers
• Available in 2 wheel sizes (160 mm or 260 mm diameter)

• Capacity: max. 300 kg
• Material: Stainless steel and special steel X5 CrNi 189
• Weight: 14 kg without hand lever, 2 lever 9 kg
• Axle Length: 60 - (retracted) 90 cm, 110 - (extended) 140 cm
• Handle length: 90 cm
• The adjustable shaft length to fit square and round manhole covers with side lengths and diameters up to 120 cm.






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